The portrait is finished.



I always seem to create large portraits these days. This one is over a metre high, but I loved doing it. That wasn’t to say it was easy. Painting this work, I realised the traps and downfalls you can get into painting someone you know, a friend, a family member. The painting takes place, but the subconscious reminds you of who  they are and whether you are doing them justice getting everything in the right place to get perfection and a photographic visual image of that person.

All this gets in the way. Instead of trying to reach what we feel is perfection, we need to lock into the visual image, or memory of that , of who they are…

So on this one, I had to work from photographic reference, but in the end I tossed it away and just went and painted the person I knew. Makes a difference sometimes….I feel it works!!!

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