Catherine’s work is bold, vibrant and full of energy. Her work has been exhibited in the UK and Australia, including several solo shows. She has gathered various awards for her paintings, particularly for her portraits and figurative work and was a finalist in the Camberwell’s Travel Scholarship Award.

Catherine is a respected and sought after tutor and has been teaching and lecturing for over 22 years throughout Australia to various art groups and societies and also overseas. She is an Art Consultant for artist materials in Australia.

Her workshops offer a distinctive way of teaching, introducing ideas and exercises to allow students to think more about the fundamental elements of form, colour, light, tone and the basic principles of painting rather than simply painting by numbers or copying technique. They are creative, fun and innovative. Students are challenged but enjoy the experience and come away being given the permission to play and experiment.

Catherine was president of the Pastel Society of Victoria from 2005-2009, and a member and tutor of the Peninsula Arts Society. She is currently running classes out of her studio, Southern Buoy Studios, Mornington.