Painting in the Greek Islands

Tour Itinerary 

26th August – 14th September 2017

Samos ( 5 nights) Fourni( 3 nights) Patmos ( 4 nights) Kalymnos ( 7 nights)

Day 1/ SAMOS (Sat. 26th) FREE DAY
In Athens, connect with domestic flight to SAMOS ( 14:20 flight-) where you will be met at the island airport . Transfer to our hotel with its panoramic vista overlooking the picturesque seaside village of Kokkari , backdropped by mountains.
Welcome sunset cocktails .

Day 2/ SAMOS (Sun. 27th)
Kokkari This pretty village with its white-washed houses and pots of colourful geraniums is stunning! The waterfront is lined with tavernas right on the waters’edge –a lovely location!

Day 3/ SAMOS (Mon. 28th)
Manolates This peaceful mountain village overlooking vineyards and the sea is stunning with its beaked chimneys , ceramic-tiled roofs and brightly painted wooden shutters .

Day 4/ SAMOS (Tues. 29th)
Lemonakia: The turquoise bay with its pine-clad headland & distant mountains is stunning !
(afternoon critique)

Day 5/ SAMOS (Wed. 30th) FREE DAY
Optional excursion to Ephesus, Turkey. This day trip to Ephesus visits the best preserved classical city in the Mediterranean and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, dating back to 550 B.C. Just a short distance off the Samos coast, Ephesus is a gateway to the East.
OR Spend the day in the south of Samos in the port of Pythagorio with it’s cobbled-stoned circular harbour lined with fishing boats and fabulous shops!

Day 6/ FOURNI (Thurs. 31st) FREE DAY
Depart Samos 18:00 . Arrive Fourni 19:30. Our studios overlooking the tiny harbour flanked by rolling hills is a peaceful haven – the perfect place to chill out, unwind and paint!
Optional dinner at the local taverna . Aegean lobster is the islands’speciality.

Day 7/ FOURNI (Fri. 1st)
Fourni’s little beach is filled with brightly painted fishing boats dotting the shoreline.
In the afternoon we will head to Thymena for an afternoon painting session and a swim.
This tiny island, inhabited by a handful of fishermen and families ,is a well-kept secret. The white-washed stairs leading down to the little jetty lines with its colourful wooden
boats and bright tangled nets offers an iconic Greek island scene!

Day 8/ FOURNI (Sat. 2nd)
The small promenade is lined with a handful of tavernas shaded by lovely tamarask trees from where we can capture the laid-back pace of Fourni (afternoon critique).

Day 9/ PATMOS (Sun. 3rd) FREE DAY
Depart Fourni 14:00 Arrive Patmos 17:30 Transfer to our hotel by the harbour within walking distance of all the fabulous shops and little tavernas.

Day 10/ PATMOS (Mon. 4th)
Chora. The Old Town with its labyrinth of narrow meandering laneways criss-crossed by stone arches opening onto little squares is stunning !

Day 11/ PATMOS (Tues. 5th)
Lambi with it’s colourful pebbled strewn bay is idyllic with it’s single taverna on the waters edge, surrounded by rugged rock formations.

Day 12/ PATMOS (Wed. 6th)
Skala.The view of white-washed Chora cascading down the hillside, crowned by it’s medieval castle is superb.(afternoon critique)

Day 13/ KALYMNOS (Thurs. 7th) FREE DAY
Morning visit to the Cave of the Apocalypse and the Monastery of St. John.
Depart Patmos 13:00. Arrive Kalymnos 15:30. Our studios in the village of Myrties are backdropped by dramatic mountains facing the sea, its jetty lined with colourful fishing boats. Myrties boasts one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Aegean !

Day 14/ KALYMNOS (Fri. 8th)
Myrties. Perched on a wide bay overlooking the isle of Telendos, the tiny jetty with its colourful boats is an idyllic spot to paint
Optional evening with live Greek music and local dancing.

Day 15/ KALYMNOS (Sat. 9th)
Vathy. Crossing the island, descending into this fertile valley with its great groves of mandarins is an unforgettable sight as it also has one of the deepest and most beautiful natural harbours in the Aegean. The day will be spent under the grapevine painting this beautiful turquoise bay.

Day 16/ KALYMNOS (Sun. 10th) FREE DAY
Optional day trip to Leros with its windmills and lively fishing villages OR enjoy a boat trip around Kalymnos OR wander around main town of Pothia with its’ Archaeological Museum.

Day 17/ KALYMNOS (Mon. 11th)
Telendos The tiny isle of Telendos is completely steeped in time with its white-washed lanes draped with bougainvillea ,bold tangled fishing nets, bright wooden boats &seaside tavernas
Evening BBQ at Babis Bar.

DAY 18/ KALYMNOS (Tues. 12th)
Emborios. A boat trip to a secluded cove to Harrys taverna,set in the islands most beautiful garden with its splashes of vibrant bougainvillea and potted geraniums.

Day 19/ KALYMNOS (Wed. 13th)
Aghias Savas The rich terra-cotta domes of this beautiful monastery contrasted with the blue of the sky and sea is a scene to capture ! (afternoon critique & farewell cocktails.)

Day 20/ DEPARTURE (Thurs. 14th)
Depart from Kalymnos Airport for return flight to Athens .

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