Catherine Hamilton

Catherine works as a full-time artist and tutor, speaker and exhibition judge. She has a studio in Mentone where she also conducts small classes. She is a member of The Pastel Society of Victoria and the Australian Guild of Realist Artists (AGRA).

She is a respected professional artist and sought-after tutor and has been teaching and lecturing for over 25 years throughout Australia. Catherine also has painting tours to the Greek Islands and France. She travels regularly to the UK and is involved with the opportunities provided in enhancing her own creative skills, teaching and galleries.

She has recently completed two successful exhibitions and is now preparing for future exhibitions. Her work is currently represented by Manyung Gallery and Without Pier Gallery.

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“I paint using pastel, oils or acrylic. I love drawing using mainly charcoal and draw up compositions and sketches and portraits to work from.”

Catherine Hamilton

I would describe my method of working as innovative and experimental. I research the working methods of Masters such as Rembrandt, Degas, Turner and many of the impressionists that worked into light. I realized that these artists were very experimental in their approach to work. They all pushed the medium and its various nuances; experimenting with composition, tones and colour. Turner particularly scrubbed and rubbed his work to create amazing effects. Each piece of work becomes a journey rather than an idea of how it will finish. Sometimes half way through the work I will often take another quite unexpected direction. ” I have been fortunate to have some great mentors and tutors who have Influenced my work and philosophy including UK Portrait painter Ken Paine, David Lleffel and Ken Howard.

Art Style

Catherine is described as a colourist and her work reflects her knowledge and use of colour. Bold, vibrant and full of energy. She works in various media but pushes the boundaries in diverse exploratory and innovative techniques. She uses the medium to create unusual effects using glazes and applying the paint with various brushes, rollers, palette knives and more. Her expertise is in acrylic, oil, pastel and charcoal.


Her work is based on personal reflection and experiences and recollections from quiet times spent with the beach and ocean and with the bush and with the light; walking, peacefully , alone, in the early morning or at dusk, capturing a time and a place and a feeling. Her work also reflects her travels and the portraits of people she has met on her journeys.

Catherine will collect her ideas for compositions from sketches done plein air or from life for the portrait work, using these to create larger works in her studio.


Catherine is a volunteer for the charity Our Rainbow House and conducts art programs at the small school for 51 children just outside Lusaka, Zambia.

Catherine Hamilton


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