The Creek

The creek finds its path from an inland spring and winds its way down the gentle hills to the coast where it merges into the sea. It has its own natural beauty with its various moods: it can almost dry out in the summer or, in the winter, flow full. No matter, the atmosphere, the water still moves gently, the creek is silent. The sun and moonlight bring a touch of light to the water, reflections appear and through morning mist the beauty unfolds.
This beauty can be observed in quiet, in stillness or in the way light plays on water. I am drawn to this beauty and look to find and capture it within the brushstrokes.

My paintings are ultimately my connection and my response to this space, this beauty, and all it embraces. 
 - Catherine Hamilton
Moon Over Water | 900mm x 600mm | Acrylic
Mist Over Water | 900mm x 600mm Acrylic
The Beauty of Silence | 600mm x 900mm | Acrylic

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Catherine Hamilton

All rights reserved © Catherine Hamilton 2021

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